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The Woodcarving aspect

A portfolio representing
forty years of carving

My Artist's Statement

My woodcarving history has been a combination of graphic design, learning the unique qualities of each type of wood, and exploring ways to create depth in shadows.

Interweaving images and words creates a powerful story, but some stories don't need words, while others are enhanced by them.


My chosen carving method involves creating bas-reliefs. The objective is to accomplish the greatest possible illusion of depth within the thickness of the project.

To me, the images are already in the wood. Through my creativity and skill, I uncover them. My intention is to tell a story in bas-relief by creating shadows to give the illusion of depth as permitted by the wood. 

Each piece of wood has unique characteristics, requiring different approaches and techniques. My challenge is to learn these specifics. In that process, I experience a zen-like meditation. Everything disappears, and it's just me and the sharpened edge. 

Before widespread literacy in the Middle Ages, shopkeepers used carved images of their products. This knowledge and a deep sense of connection I felt while viewing the extensive carvings of my Scandinavian heritage make me feel like I am carrying on that legacy.

This page represents a range of my carvings 

Some have gone to their forever homes, and some are for sale. If interested, please return to our store page for further details. If you have any questions, email me!

AlChemy Ranch Studios

Eatonville,WA 98328

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