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Happy Heart Month! It’s also my birthday month and perhaps the reason (excuse?) our monthly newsletter is late. Regardless…here we are and happy to be here!

The February offering is this Spring Robin original painting.

Those puffed up harbingers of Spring are already hopping about, searching for worms here in the Pacific Northwest. I love robins. They remind me of fat gentlemen, all decked out in their rust colored waistcoats, taking their constitutionals in the park while tipping their hats to the ladies.

To reiterate, this small 4x6” one-of-a-kind painting, arrives in a 5x7” mat and costs $45.00 plus shipping. We will never, EVER turn this painting into a print, although you may see it as a blank greeting card at some far off future date.

Since it is Heart Month, allow me to reintroduce to you the magic of Mr. Al's Heart 2 Heart carving:

I love this piece. It says so much, so simply.

It is carved in pecan wood framed in cherry wood, also made by Al. And it costs $739.00 plus shipping.

Other news before I turn you over to Al--

I have totally re-vamped the website boutique. I have said good-bye to some of the designs and said hello to others. I have also added cork-backed coaster sets, notecards, and two designs (for starters) of indoor/outdoor pillows which won’t fade in the sun. In addition, the Etsy store is shut down because I want to be known as a singular boutique and not "one-of-many."

PLUS…this is fun…Three weeks ago on Fridays, we began posting short 15-20 second videos of Al’s current carving to show the progress from the previous Friday. You can find these progress reports by following us on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK.

Speaking of Mr. Al…here he is!

Progress has been made on The Philosophers Stone woodcarving during the short days of winter. I can already feel the beckoning of spring that will draw me back to the sanctuary of Huldufólk Haven, and the work needed there to remedy the storm damage last fall.

Still, in my heated shop, all traces of time vanish while the removal of millimeter by millimeter of wood fibers unveils my vision. In between the sharpening of my chisels and gouges, and the analysis of my next steps, the ticking of the clock literally dissipates in the pages of my audiobooks, and my hands are guided by knowingly unknown sources.

Surrounded by my tools, time goes away.

Since my time in the world of commercial art, I've always had an issue with the word 'deadlines.' What does that actually mean? Honestly, let me know, exactly how many will lose their lives if a project that's currently being worked on isn't finished by an entirely arbitrary date. If I can be shown the data...I would acquiesce.

My deepest wish for anyone reading this is that they are able to practice their bliss without the shackles of time or 'deadlines' that don't allow the timekeeper to retire. I know Bryn feels the same way. We are truly blessed.

I do feel the same way! We are very fortunate indeed to be able to work from home and creating at a pace that respects the creation and not a completion date. I asked my art teacher how he knew a painting was finished and his answer was, "when it feels full." If we had one, that would be our deadline--when it feels full.

Cheers! May the rest of your February feel full. We will be checking in come March!!

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