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The Thanksgiving Month

There is something that is nearly indescribable about the high desert area of the Four Corners region. It claims you, calms you, expands your awareness of life (if you allow it,) and always fills you with awe at its brilliant beauty.

Why is this?

Is it the silence? The vastness? The wind? The ruins? The mystery of the pictographs and petroglyphs? The ravens maneuvering the updrafts and calling to you? Or is it the stark, bright beauty of contrasting color seen in the layers of rock?

Whatever the reason, when we returned, aL and I responded to the challenge of expressing all of the above with our art because we wanted to share with you what we experienced.

Welcome to the Canyonlands Collection

You will notice right away that this collection is nothing like what you have seen in our store before. That is because it is a total blend of what aL does and what I do…how aL sees and interprets the world around him and how I see and interpret the world around me. We used Photoshop as our medium, although I first drew the horses and ravens in Procreate on my iPad. Then, aL refined them so we could play with the colors and patterns.

And play we did! It was an exhilarating experience…the first time we actually created something together, blending our creativity to make something brand new.

Just so fun!

It was so much fun, in fact, that we had to force ourselves to stop so you wouldn’t be overwhelmed with too many choices!

We limited our offering to five paintings- on-canvas prints, posters, and spiral notebooks (journals.)

Then, we played some more and designed new images for our mugs.

The mugs come in two sizes…our most popular 15-ounce and a new jumbo 20-ounce size for coffee/tea/soup lovers.

Please enjoy these images, and may they somehow translate to you the beauty, splendor, and mystery of Canyonlands. (There are more mugs to view in the store. )

We are toying with the idea of some simple black and white posters and, possibly, notecards of the horses and ravens. What do you think?

We introduced posters with the Canyonlands Collection because they offer a less costly route for those who prefer to frame their wall art, although the prints on stretched canvas can be framed as well. Annnd....just in time for holiday gift giving, no? How timely are we?!


Side note: From now on, henceforth, I shall either be called aL, AL, Mr.aL, Mr.AL, (Bryn's nickname for me), or even Alan. This is purposeful as my nickname for Alan is Al, with a capital A and lowercase L. That makes it look exactly like the acronym for Artificial Intelligence. I certainly don't want to have any association with the technology. Quite frankly, the whole concept is threatening from many, many standpoints!

Huldufólk Haven News

This is the time of year to batten down the hatches and protect the 'village.' That's exactly what's been going on since we returned from our road trip. Okay, okay, not completely. In between periods of rain, I've been able to get back to some carving.

However, when the rain does let up, I have been busy draining the pond, shutting down the solar pumping stations, and everything that is required to begin a new cycle of regrowth in the Haven...and speaking of which.

This year, for the first time, on their own, it appears that a mycorrhizal network is beginning to be installed. Some massive mushrooms are starting what could only be termed a fairy ring to form!

I can only assume that the invisible

ones approve!

In order to avoid the catastrophe that was experienced last year to the Dryad brother's homes. See link > Devastating Windstorm Severely Damages Huldufólk Haven

DATELINE: Eatonville, WA 11/30/22 Superstructures had to be created to try to eliminate the destruction caused by falling branches.

Braced with heavy-duty tent-like structures and covered with tarpaulin. Hopefully, this will provide some semblance of defense against the harsher elements of nature!

As you can see, they all still allow access for the Huldufólk to their homes, Council House, and each of the pumping stations if maintenance is required.

We certainly are grateful for the invisible ones who have chosen to reside in Huldufólk Haven as their home when it falls into a more languid time of year. Anni, one of the self-chosen 'guardians' of the realm, has either finally grown up enough or just finally realized the stick fence is no match for her vaulting; an increase to the fence height will be required next year.

At least she seems to have outgrown her proclivity to chimney chewing and is only curious about any new additions. She LOVES the pond!

I'm excited to get back into the shop as the rains begin to fall. I have several carvings on paper or in mind wanting to become reality!


In closing, Mr.AL and I desire to again tell you how very grateful we are for each and every one of you; for your continued "likes" and comments on our social media, and your support. While AL carves, I will be getting back to my easel to explore more Canyonlands.

We hope you all find your way to connect with your loved ones in peace and thanksgiving this month while enjoying much laughter and tasty nom noms. Many blessings to you.

Until next month...

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1 Comment

Christopher Marshall
Christopher Marshall
Nov 02, 2023

I absolutely love the Canyonlands Collection. Reminds me, so much, spiritually speaking, of Carlos Castaneda's the teachings of Don Juan. GREAT VIBE!!! ~ IMHO ~*~ ❣️

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