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The Philosophers Stone

The Philosophers Stone


The Philosophers Stone was a very important expression for me.


An image of Chief Red Cloud intertwined with the Philosophers Stone alchemical symbol (artistic license edits involved,) an elk, a compass star, and four medallions to represent the Four Directions represented as the four winds in Lakota culture (also artistically licensed.)


My meaning is the concept of how ludicrous it must have seemed to the First Nations when learning that the newly arrived strangers from across the big water had tried for centuries to create a magic element that would turn common things into ‘a yellow metal.’


And what was so important about this metal that it consumed every interest of these new arrivals? The Creator had bountifully provided every need for the people. The concept of money, gold, greed, and ownership made absolutely no sense. It must have confounded them.


And to these interlopers, it was worth genocide.


The carving consists of two layers of hickory, laminated with the woodgrain perpendicular to each. The top layer is wrapped with leather, while the bottom layer has etched, recessed copper medallion representations of ‘The Four Winds.’


It measures almost 20” wide X 20” high X 2" thick and weighs approximately 13 lbs.


The cost is $1,260.00  SHIPPING INCLUDED



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