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Huldufólk Haven


Long before the 10,000-year-old fertile valley, now called the Ohop Valley, from the Scottish name for hill - Ow-hop.


Earlier than the Nisqually native people lived in the 'banana belt' of the valley for its mild winters, preceding settlement by Scandinavian immigrants, they were already here, the hidden folk - Huldufólk.

We may or may not be able to see the Fae folk; Pixies, Gnomes, Sylphs, Brownies, Dryads, and Elves flourished in this lavish paradise. Living together in relative harmony with the Elementals to care for and maintain this wonderland.


As time went on, their safe harbors became fewer and fewer, crowded by development and what some would call progress.

In a small corner of the land under our stewardship, a neglected tangle of brambles, rocks, and weeds, we decided to dedicate and establish a small safe refuge for those unseen. Huldufólk Haven, a safe place, is the result. It is a habitat secured against other four-legged creatures residing on the land.

Case in point. Shortly after the Huldufólk Haven Hotel was built, Anni (the dog) thought biting off the chimney as a chew toy would be really fun. A fence was required, essentially making it a gated community, complete with a waterfall, a pond, and a Grand Ballroom serving as an official gathering place to discuss community issues.

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