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Mid-Winter's Tales

Happy Holidays!...Here we are at the end of 2022, and so Mr. Al and I are already planning for 2023. Lots of changes are in the making. One difference...there will be no December offering in the AlChemy Ranch Studios shop this year. I had a print ready, but I decided to talk about what is going on in Brynn Design because some overlapping is happening, hence the need for planning. And so, the December Offerings can be found at the BrynnDesignBoutique on ETSY. Yes...we have an Etsy store and invite you to visit us there. We are excited to show it

off to you!

Welcome to the world of Butterflies and Hummingbirds!

These are 12-inch-square butterfly and hummingbird prints on canvas. See what I mean about overlapping what we do over in AlChemy Ranch? The originals are multimedia...a combination of acrylics, pen and ink, and oil pastels.

The samples I ordered (see left) passed Al's and my inspection. We were pleased, in fact. They all cost $39.95 plus shipping.

Fun, aren't they??

But why do they cost less than the prints over in AlChemy Ranch? It is the quality of the paper we use. Simple as that.

But wait...there is more......

We also have butterfly mugs and hummingbird mugs in two sizes! Here are samples:

The 11 oz. Mugs have patterns, and the 15 oz. mugs have three large guys.


AND....we have prints of two of our most popular AlChemy Ranch Prints. They are already framed with a choice of 3 frame colors. All you need to do is find your spot and hang them.

The 8 x 10 size is $39.95, and the 11 x 14 size is $49.50. AGAIN...why are these only a few dollars more at the Etsy shop when they come framed and ready to hang? AGAIN, we is the quality of the paper. The print quality is excellent, and the frames are nice as well, but they are not matted and not on the quality of paper we prefer. Plus, you only have three choices of frames. (You speak, and we listen...some of you want a print that arrives at your home ready to rock your wall. Here they are...and we are happy to special order ANY of the prints you can find in the AlChemy Ranch Shop. Just ask.)

Have a look at the first two AlChemy Ranch Studios prints we are offering at BrynnDesignBoutique: Horse Whispers I and Horse Whispers II.

As mentioned above...there are more plans for 2023. The BIGGEST being that... we need a drum roll, here, or something...2023 is the year Al's Carvings will be available for sale in the shop!!!!!!! AT LAST!!!!!!

And in the Etsy store, we are looking at butterfly and hummingbird ceramic tiles, coasters, and name a few.

Speaking of Mr. Al, let's hear what he's been up to...

Devastating Windstorm Severely Damages Huldufólk Haven

DATELINE: Eatonville, WA 11/30/22

On the evening of November 29th, 2022, a severe windstorm swept through Huldufólk Haven, causing downed branches that smashed and damaged the homes of the

Dryad brothers.

As can be seen, the two homes are a total loss and will have to be recreated. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the natural disaster. Meanwhile, other generous hidden folk have welcomed the homeless boys in the Huldufólk Haven Hotel.

An urgent disaster meeting was held in the Grand Ballroom, and I tried hard to hear what was happening. I really couldn't, but was later told that the needs of the brothers will be met as no one is turned away from the Haven.


As the shop is about to undergo a much-needed reorganization, a final commissioned piece was completed. It was carved in cherry wood. The words are mine, written many years ago about how wood cannot lie. If the grain is running a certain way, which you can plainly see, that is the direction it has to be worked. Try to work against it, and you'll have an uphill battle and a complete upheaval. Remember, always, always, always carve downhill!

And so...we again thank you for traveling another year with us. We wish each and every one of you a peaceful and joyful Holiday Season. May that peace and joy envelop you throughout 2023. --AlChemy

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