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You do know what they say about May?

Our leaves are back! No longer can people see us sitting on our back deck from the road. Huzzah for our renewed privacy.

April was a busy month for both Mr. AL and myself. I completed four paintings. Mr. AL completed his magnificent carving of Aquila.

Up next, I have a commission to paint mourning doves. I love mourning doves and am looking forward to becoming immersed in their gentle energy. Did you know they are also called Turtle Doves? I never knew that! Now I do, and so do you. You are welcome unless you already knew.

What else? Believe it or not, I have never played with gouache paints and I feel my painting style and I could pair nicely with gouache. Like watercolors, you mix with water. Unlike watercolors, gouache is light resistant, so it won't fade as rapidly. Plus, the paint can be applied in thick, opaque layers like oils. Also, it is much less toxic than oils and acrylic mediums, and I really like that as I have gotten more sensitive to chemicals (just ask Mr. AL...he can't even keep gas cans in the garage without me feeling sick.) Gouache is a little more expensive, however, so I bought a starter kit of rather inexpensive ones (in case I am wrong about the pairing) and will start to play with them this month. I'm excited to try something new. Speaking of which...

New to Our Galleria

We have new mugs to offer you! Since launching the Canyonlands Collection, I have been sipping tea in my Fast Ravens Mug and found myself reaching for it more and more frequently. I like the black silhouette against the white mug. Very clean. One day last month, during an April Shower as I sipped tea, I asked myself, "why not add some more black-on-white silhouette designs to the Galleria?" So I did--two horses and a second raven.

I think they turned out nicely. What do you think?

You can find them in both the Canyonlands and Mugs by Brynn Design sections for $13.95.

Here's Mr. aL

Okay, I'm feeling a bit conflicted.

On the one hand, the community at Huldufólk Haven is asking me to come and help with some spring cleaning. On the other hand, I just finished carving Aquila, and I'm feeling inspired to start a new project right away!

Do you know what that would mean? I'd want to carve every day, neglecting the altruistic duties I chose when building HH in the first place! Now, how unresponsible would that demonstrate, not only outwardly but also inside?

It would not be very responsible, you're right! And thanks for the chat! Good talk!


Have you ever wondered about what the inside of a 2X4 looks like?

Here is an example. This is just a standard lumber store 2" X 4", probably fir. The dark curves you see are the growth rings.

To an educated botanist, these lines tell them a lot about the weather, rainfall, and even temperatures during the tree's growth.

However, I'm impressed with the graceful arcs that hint to the portion of the tree trunk from which the 2X4 was cut. However, growth rings do not represent the grain of the wood.

The actual grain of the bones of the tree are like capillaries that move the water from the ground through the roots up to the leaves. They are twisty-truny, wavy veins moving through the lighter portions

between the growth rings.

I like to think of them as the personality of the wood that I'm working with. We have to develop a relationship of working together. I have to learn its preferences, and it has to forgive my violations.


The next carving will take some time. I am going to attempt to navigate a live-edge Norway Maple slab—the whole slab! I got myself some pretty new wood to play with!

Thank you Brad!

So now you can understand my dilemma.

Would all the drama I have to endure while the residents are up in arms be worth it? The demonstrations, the protests... nope, not worth it!

Oh, and that thing about knowing what they say about May? (It's mr.a's birthday month!)

Happy Birthday Month to all you May Babies out there! And for the rest of you, we wish you a most excellent May. It is such an incredibly beautiful month. We hope you are able to go outside and enjoy it.

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