AlChemy Ranch Studios


What is AlChemy?

It's rather sweet how we came up with the name of our business.  

Once upon a time, a man named Al met a woman nicknamed Cammy. They lived in different towns and corresponded via email and phone calls. They were friends who liked talking about their artwork, creating, listening to their inner muses, angels, and cool stuff like that. 

Then one day, they did meet. And one thing led to another, and they started living happily ever after. 

Mr. Al first noticed how when their names were put together, AlCammy resulted and it was so close to word "alchemy."  What a perfect descriptive of the life they were creating together.


To connect it directly to the ancient branch of natural philosophy, it was decided Cammy would be 'Chemy' and she thought that was magical, amazing, and pretty darn cool.  

The name stuck. 



Al doesn't fit into a neat little package.


With a basis in commercial art, specific disciplines, designed to deliver a message, established his early career as a graphic designer. 

Never to be stagnant, the creative muse that drives him continues

to evolve. 

But, that's just one result of Al's imagination. Another fascination is the shaping of wood, and how its warmth and honesty can project a feeling. Woodcarving is a specialty.

Here at ACRS, we offer resin casting duplications of his carvings that look like the real thing, with a significantly lower price tag!


For as long as Bryn (Cammy) can remember... she's been an artist.


She is primarily an oil painter but also enjoys playing with pastels, acrylics, and occasionally watercolor.


She paints to learn, to appreciate, and to celebrate life. It gives her joy, and she loves to share that joy.


ACRS has allowed us to offer Bryn's original paintings as high quality, limited edition, 11' X 14" giclée prints with a half-inch border to allow for matting and framing of your choice.

You can get signed or unsigned prints only provided for a quantity of 50. Once they're sold out, they're gone...unless you want to buy the original!



Thank you, we'll get back to you very soon!