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How's your year been so far? Unlike Mr. AL, who dove in feet first, I did a ramble into this new 2024. I had a good friend visiting for a week and was fortunate to be able to continue that holiday glow. But now, it's time to shake out the cobwebs in my brain and begin.


In the STATIONARY SECTION of our store, we have added three new notebooks/journals...

"Life is Better with a Dog,"

"Life's Better with a Cat," and

"I Love All Cats!"

The cost is 17.50 apiece.

They are bright, colorful, and happy--something cheerful to start your year of journaling or note-taking.

I am pretty taken with the quality of these notebooks. The paper is smooth, with little dots to help you keep your writing in a straight line; plus, without those pesky lines, you can sketch, too! I particularly enjoy the feel of the cover. It has a matte finish and feels oh-so-velvety rather than slick. (Of course, I have already snagged one of our Canyonlands Samples for my very own, and loving it.)

Speaking of Canyonlands, the notebook/journals can be found in both the Canyonlands section and the Stationary section. Makes life easier.


I took December off to enjoy the holidays, but I did sketch animals and will continue to do so this month. I a have barely-begun painting on my easel, but she is going to have to wait until I put 2023 to bed...getting all the necessary paperwork to our accountant. Besides, my year really doesn't begin until February--my birthday month. Until then, I will be focusing on the business side of AlChemy Ranch and sharpening up my animal anatomy. Mr. AL can dazzle you with the creative side.

Dazzle, I must!

Ok, thanks... no pressure there, Dear! The gauntlet has been thrown!

Huldufólk Haven: Asleep (for the winter months)

Secure (with supports against smashing; so far, so good)

Continuing to attract and please inhabitants, permanent and transitory.

Their appreciation has been felt and noticed by:

Our flood prevention activities working fantastically!

Despite the many electrical 'outages' so far, we've had no need to

employ the generator!

Upcoming for the area by the creek: We will install a motion-sensored wildlife camera to capture all of our visitors...seen and unseen!

Shop talk

I embarked on a highly secretive operation here-to-fore unknown to modern woodworking technology.

The mystery deepens as Adept undergoes a separation of organic cellulose dividing linked

D-glucose units.

Unfortunately, this is beyond mortal capabilities and will require mechanical assistance. 

I'm pleased to relate a positive outcome from the experimental activity.

The sides of the booth are reusable, rolling up to the ceiling for out-of-the-way storage. The debris is confined to a smaller, more manageable area, as opposed to dusting the entire shop with unrequired wood particles.

What exactly is housed within the said mysterious booth? As mentioned, sometimes machine-driven implements are required for certain activities.

I try at all costs to avoid them, preferring only hand tools.

The 'vanishing booth' is used when I need to use a router-sled to flatten wood slabs.

That being said, to emphasize Bryn's headline to this month's blog...


It is a new year, but more than that, it's a new Epoch. For some time now, we've been involved in an evolution, but as we move into 2024 through 2025, the speed of that transformation will increase tenfold. Just hang on, roll with it, and realize that it's all well

and good, and our new Re-Renaissance has only just begun!


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