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April showers?

New Month

Happy April with its crazy weather and remind me where March went? Grab a cuppa, this is a longer blog...

This month's one-of-a-kind tiny painting is entitled "Cat's Eyes." She is 4x5 in a 5x7 mat and costs $45.00 plus shipping. Meet Tika, my beloved bengal. Fierce and wild, she was all that. I was fortunate to have her grace my life for a span. Now she lives in my heart and on this little painting. It was super fun to paint and, dare I say, suitable for all cat lovers? I dare.

New Website and Logo

Mr. Al and I have been really busy behind the scenes, figuring out this new website of ours and working on the new logo, which I think is amazing and perfect. Mr. Al knows his way around graphic design. He has written, below, what our logo means to us.

As mentioned in last the last blog, we have merged Brynn Design with AlChemy Ranch Studios for a number of reasons....the main one being time I've only one Instagram Page to play with and more time in the studio. I am closing the Brynn Design boutique as soon as I can, too.

On the new website are links to "by Brynn Design" merchandise.

I have fleshed out the "Original Paintings" Section with more paintings to come.

I have added more blank greeting cards.

AND...Al's latest carving entitled "Philosopher's Stone" is also available on our new and improved store.

Here is what Al has written about this carving:

The Philosophers Stone was a very important expression for me. An image of Chief Red Cloud intertwined with the Philosophers Stone alchemical symbol (artistic license edits involved,) an elk, a compass star, and four medallions to represent the Four Directions represented as the four winds in Lakota culture (also artistically licensed.) My meaning is the concept of how ludicrous it must have seemed to the First Nations when learning that the newly arrived strangers from across the big water had tried for centuries to create a magic element that would turn common things into ‘a yellow metal.’ And what was so important about this metal that it consumed every interest of these new arrivals? The Creator had bountifully provided every need for the people. The concept of money, gold, greed, and ownership made absolutely no sense. It must have confounded them. And to these interlopers, it was worth genocide. The carving consists of two layers of hickory, laminated with the woodgrain perpendicular to each. The top layer is wrapped with leather, while the bottom layer has etched, recessed copper medallion representations of ‘The Four Winds.’

The NEW AlChemy Ranch Studios Logo

Our desire is to project the alchemy of our two life forces to honor all living things. Wild animals hold a special place in our hearts, and we attempt to launch their spirit through our artistic interpretations.

We’ve borrowed the Zuni Heartline symbol, which signifies life force in their culture. With great honor and respect for that heritage, we chose it to represent how we feel about our connection with nature. The heartline begins at the mouth, where breath gives life and points within the spiral of life energy directly to the heart, soul, and spirit, where faith and inner strength preside. The bear is strong.

Our goal is a magic amalgamation of our two sensitivities, playing off one another. We hopefully capture the animal’s essence with our interpretations as much as we eagerly capture your imagination.


We would love to have you follow us on either FaceBook and Instagram. Algorithms love followers. Plus, it's a way for us to stay in touch during the month. Every Friday, I post a reel of Al's current carving, so people can follow its progress from start to finish. I also post what I'm up to in my studio, as well as what Al and I've got going in our daily lives (lots of pictures of pets.)

And finally, we wish to thank those who answered our housekeeping request and subscribed to our blog. may get two ''blog alert emails, but one will eventually go away. Until that time, I apologize for cluttering up your inbox.

Happy April! Eat lots of chocolate, jelly beans, and peeps!! Soon we will have May flowers.

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Apr 10, 2023

Cammy, I love your new logo as well as your and Al's beautiful work. Keep on creating, my friend! Wishing you all the very best on this amazing co-adventure. Love, Tina

Apr 15, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, Tina! Hope all is well with you.

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