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August News


Just so you know…we appreciate your privacy and your precious time. Therefore, we will never give out your email address and we will respectfully keep our blogs short, sweet and infrequent.

This month’s new print had to be "Lion Breeze," since this is the Leo Season.

I love this big pussy cat, squinting into the winds and enjoying the scents he’s picking up from off the Serengeti as he lies placidly in the sun. Perhaps he is waiting for his lioness to return from hunting with some tasty treat?

The beauty of having a blog, rather than the newsletter is you can just head over to the store if you'd like this guy hanging on your wall. The print is available in two sizes (11x14 and 8x10) and you can have either a signed or an unsigned print....remember the signed prints take a while longer because they are delivered to me first so I guessed it...sign it!! And...we do special orders as well.

July was filled with house guests, which we adored, but caused its own inherent more play and less working. But now, it’s back to business, if you can call doing what you love business.

I had a storage cabinet with its lovely marble surface (which I used for varnishing, signing prints, etc.) collapse quite dramatically when the poor duct cleaner was moving it to access a vent. He was horrified. I wasn’t too surprised as it wobbled. It was a messy visual, and I was suddenly without a work/storage space.

However, Mr. Al had just found a “flat file on steroids,” which had deeper drawers than a regular flat file, making it a perfect way of storing my paintings and paper supplies. (Can we say serendipity?) Installing that unit was an excellent excuse to clean up my space and take stock of inventory which I have just completed.

Installing that unit would also have made a great sitcom when Mr. Al and I realized its dimensions were larger than any of our entryways…it consisted of loading it onto a dolly, making a grand circle tour of the outside of the house to find a large enough entryway, herding dogs, colorful expletives, snorts of laughter, the disassembling and reassembling of said flat extremely heavy flat file (steroids,) I might add. We decided we can never move...not with that flat file finally in place But doesn’t it look nice??? I feel very professional. I love opening the top drawer and sorting through my pieces.



On my end of the spectrum, as you all know, I’ve been involved with the design, engineering, and implementation of the Huldufólk Haven, a sanctuary for the hidden people (of Icelandic folklore, taken quite seriously there, I might add!). I have to be very careful not to include any iron as the Elementals are quite disturbed by its presence. Only natural objects may be used in its construction. After all, the refuge is for them to feel comfortable and not for our mortal ease. So far, I believe they’ll be pleased.

The pond and falls are nearly complete with water able to be added shortly. A fun, little respite for them, I hope.

There is still a long way to go. More housing to be completed, more planting to be done, a bridge to construct, and carvings to be done. Right now, however, the lack of rain has made it nearly impossible to work in the hot, dusty environment, and the building part has been moved into my air-conditioned shop.

As fall approaches, outdoor activities will soon be tolerable again, with nearly all of the remaining elements able to be placed accordingly.

The following photos are some hints and glimpses of the various abodes being built.

The framework for the Icelandic Wishing Houses being constructed to be part of the hillside with actual grass roofs.

Each house has its own, distinctive character, indicative of the individual prospective inhabitants.

The solar collecting panel that powers the fountain pump is, itself a dwelling whose occupants’ responsibility is to tend the workings.


Mr. Al and I are putting our alchemical heads together to create something we will be introducing by October (but maybe before) for the Holiday Season…something different. What will it be? Stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy these lazy, hazy days of summer. Hope you are safe from floods, fires, all the stuff, and staying cool. We think you are awesome, so keep on keeping on.

That's it for now...

Al and Bryn (Cammy)

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