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Happy Back-to-School Month! Now that September has arrived, I am so programmed to knuckle down and get back to work...although for Al and me, work looks like play. I enjoy fall, but am sorry to see summer begin to slip away, along with the leaves, especially since she took her sweet time arriving. Don't get me wrong, I do love the cozy, but I will miss sitting out on the deck looking at our creek and Huldufólk Haven.

September Offering: The Magnificent Blue Heron.

The heron is an elegant bird with rather unfortunate vocals. What he lacks in the songbird area, he makes up with his fishing abilities. Along with the belted king fisher and a flock of ducks, we have been enjoying spotting the heron on the banks of the creek this summer.

Close up, you realize how enormous these birds actually are. They can get to be 4.5 feet tall and have a wingspan of up to 6 feet, but only weigh 6 pounds. I used to think they mated for life but they do not. Funny thing, a couple of days ago I selected the heron for the September print, and later that day, at dusk, Al pointed out the heron fishing on the creek bank. According to the Native American tradition, the blue heron brings messages of self-determination, self-reliance, and the ability to progress and evolve. I like that message! I will take that message!

And now, here is Mr. Al sharing with us what he has been up to--

From a virtual unused land, a village was carved.

A safe place for the hidden folk to find peace and tranquility, protected from four-legged creatures, also sharing the land.

From left to right: The garden gate leads the visitor towards the left on a paisley pattern of path-paver stones, past the pool and waterfall, to arrive at the official Huldufólk Haven Inn. Above the Inn, a lighthouse operates to direct those in search of safer surroundings. Crossing over the falls, a bridge leads the residents past two identical Gnome brothers' homes and a rustic rock resting shelter proceeding up the hill to the Grand Ballroom. This is where all manner of social activities take place, including any legal matter assemblages that may require larger crowds. Directly down the bank from the ballroom is the home of one of the Brownies who operates the solar collector for the first waterfall pumping station. Further down, the second pumping station is run by the Dryads.

With the addition of various plantings, wildflowers, and trees, Huldufólk Haven will continue to develop and expand to welcome all of those unseen entities.

It's me again! That is about it for us this month. I have been working on some new paintings and, taking advantage of that back-to-school energy, am planning to paint throughout the fall. You can always follow both AlChemy Ranch Studios and Brynn Design on Instagram and FaceBook if you're curious about what we are up to. Speaking of Brynn Design...alas, I have upset one of my doggy models. Gemma's feelings were hurt when I called her A "Frenchie," because she is actually a Boston Terrier. I am hastening to make that right over on the Brynn.Design website. (Note to self: learn how to correctly name different breeds on sight.)

Have a wonderful September! Go get'em!!

Al & Cammy (Bryn)

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Gen Anne Lanphere
Gen Anne Lanphere
Sep 02, 2022

Love this heron!

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