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Big Plans March

Lion or Lamb? How did March arrive in your neck of the woods? Here, we were in keeping with the Chinese New Year: The Year of the Water Rabbit. Nary a lion nor a lamb in sight, but some dark, watery days. I spend much of March looking for signs of Spring and I seem to think of rabbits as Spring things...probably due to the chocolate bunnies one finds around Easter.

And so, this month's 4x6 painting that fits into a 5x7 mat is this little cottontail. Isn't he cute, hopping in his field of spring green? I forgive him for not being made of chocolate. Cost $45 plus shipping.

As usual, this painting is one of a kind and will never be a print, although you might find this image on a notecard.

Speaking of notecards and Big Plans March, We have found a source that will make print-on-demand blank greeting cards. They won't be on the luscious paper as the previous set of notecards, but the print quality is very good and you can order one card or a set of ten cards of the same image, allowing you to mix and match. Some of you wanted to be able to select your own cards from the prints, so now you can. The card choices will be added to the website by the end of this month. If you want a sneak peak of the card quality, hop* on over to and check out the stationary section. (*"hop"see what I did there? heeheehee)

More Big Plans

You peeps enjoy One Of A Kind. Therefore, I am selling my original paintings from whence cometh the prints we offer on this website. They have always been for sale, but you had to email us if you wanted to purchase the originals. I'm going to make it easier. These should be in the store by the end of this month, as well. Like the prints, these paintings will NOT be matted.

Why won't they be matted? A couple of reasons. The first being we don't know your decor or the frame you would choose. And the second is why waste paper? Seriously, a mat board that is just going to be tossed is a waste of paper. (I know...I little paintings I've started to sell come in a mat, but they are so small, I felt they would travel more safely that way,AND...they look better in one.)

Along with the BIG PlANS I will of course be painting more critters (currently on the easel, I've got a turtle sunning on a log) and helping Mr. Al prepare the soil for planting in Huldufólk Haven.

Speaking of which, here's Mr. Al--


The Philosophes Stone, the current chisel, is proceeding into an ending phase as imagination comes into existence with this rather stubborn wood! Hickory? I wouldn't recommend it!

Decisions like where should the darker levels be? and what colors would best work for a limited pallet?...browns... and so on and so forth as the carving nears the finishing stages.

In some ways, it's a glorious stage...finally seeing this thing that's been in your mind for what seems like years; one would be expected to have a sense of completion, a feeling of triumph, but it's an interesting and no doubt strange feeling.

The opposite side of it is somewhat of a letdown, an ending of a love affair I've had with this image and this wood while we shared the struggle of birth for the last couple of months. It soon will no longer be mine. I have to let it go.

It's a difficult feeling to explain, at least to say a bit sad. But I will recover with the next adventure, a shared journey between the out-of-doors and in!


I will be collecting growing moss lumps soon to be transposed to Huldufólk Haven, A sanctuary for those unseen.

Also, the Dryad brothers' villa will soon have to go into the design and construction 2023 Huldufólk Haven Planning Commission Schedule (HHCS).

(Awwww shoot, I wasn't supposed to mention that, yet…..*pssssst…you didn't hear it from me!)

*Uh, *ahem… I mean, seasonal landscaping HHCS plans will have to go into the design and construction planning commission schedule as soon as it is due process.

Seasonally, we're battling primarily grey skies, but the tantalizing teasing of the season's nature spirits suggest the promise of a new, bright, growing, greenery curtain in the not-too-distant future. With the deep dives back into teen temperatures, our attention is drawn to the possibility of the great outdoors. We have a sense of urgency to get back out there and in touch with the ground!

Garden plans here, plant moving agendas, etc., etc., know, the drill. It's a-time to git on it!!!

Have a wonderful month and don't forget to set the clocks back on Sunday...we may not like it, but I know one Chocolate Labrador who will be ecstatic to have breakfast one hour earlier! Cheers!

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