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Hey! M.A here!

Updated: Apr 7

To clarify once again...'Mr. Al' is a nickname coined by Bryn (the other creative genius on this site), and by no means was it a request by me! In fact: "If you'll be my bodyguard

I can be your long lost pal, I can call you Betty, And Betty, when you call me...

You can call me Al) Paul Simon.

Al is the abbreviation of my given name, Alan, which I've recently begun to use as a signature logo (which, by the way...a big shout out to Art Logo; I can't recommend them enough, they do an excellent job!) My script writing, trust me, you wouldn't want to see!

I'm here today to pose an interesting debate I'm having in my mind, arising out of an interesting vision Bryn had. It was that it would be interesting for visitors to see short videos of my process in the activity, which I call 'creating shadows'...get it, AW (my initials) and Shadows, my business name?

There are two distinct approaches for analyzing this proposal.

Number one: My ease with appearing, in any form, and speaking in front of groups...they don't even need to be large! It causes, how shall we say, an elevated apprehensive response in my being? It's not a comfortable position for me to put myself in.

And B: Would journeyers on the Web of Adventure find them absorbing, captivating, intriguing, or simply curious? Jointly, we've got to say...we simply do not know.

Bryn and I would really love to hear any input! We most appreciate it!

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