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July's Newsy Newsletter

The year is halfway through! Hard to imagine. I have returned from my travels, feeling empowered, refreshed, and ready to create some new stuff. It was wonderful reconnecting with my Sonshine and friends, to see the ocean and the magnificent redwoods. I spent one full day among those splendid giants, soaking up the silence and peace of a redwood forest.

Our July offering continues with the mother/child theme. This time, we have a mustang mare and her foal. Today, there are about 82,000+ mustangs and burros roaming the west, predominantly in Nevada, Utah, California, Arizona and North Dakota. They are managed by the Bureau of Land Management. It is insightful to read how the department attempts to balance the population in order to keep these splendid symbols of freedom healthy. The website is chockfull of information and the videos are particularly informative. Here's the link:


Before I turn you over to Mr. Al to hear what he has been up to while I have been galavanting, I would like to reach out to ask for help.

DO YOU KNOW of any retired, bored, ex-marketing and forecasting-type individual who is looking for a challenge and willing to mentor us gratis? We are first and foremost artists. That is where our strengths lie.

Enough said about that and thank you! Here is Mr. Al:


I have clawed my way (between the rain drops), through the energetic growth of the life force of reoccurring (perennial) natural plants, or, as we civilized beings like to label ‘weeds’ to recover Huldufólk Haven. Soon, the pool and waterfall will be cleaned and assured of as being functioning well for our invisible residents, for their mutual recreation.

Several new and re-conditioned dwellings will be installed, and hopefully approved and occupied by our desired compatriots. This inaugurates the annual expansion and improvement for the continued development of Huldufólk Haven, a safe place.

Hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July Celebration! Stay cool and happy. See you in August!!

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Christopher Marshall
Christopher Marshall
01. jul. 2022

Standing at the base of that cathedral of giant redwoods is a deeply sacred, grounding and calming experience, and I'm always looking for Ewoks. To stand amongst the elders. I am now reading the hidden life of trees. To know of the vast, complex and interconnected fungal networks beneath your feet which connects the entire is breathtaking to consider, the entire forest as a single living entity in spite of all the individual trees. I love the paintings to add to this page. I was especially smitten with the deer and fawn from the June issue. Really sweet. Concerning the Huldufólk their an Ewok's Ewok? Kidding aside there is muy good energy in that image which is emanating…

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