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October News

Here we are in October! Mr. aL and I have been home for 3 days and are just getting back into the groove of home life. I have deadheaded and weeded the flower garden, prepping for winter. Meanwhile, aL is creating a new bed for more hummingbird/bee/butterfly flowers, as well as where we will plant the two redwoods we have been nurturing on our back deck. They grew so much this past summer that it is time for them to have a forever home.

I don't know if you followed our trip via my Chronicles of Cammy blog, but we had a wonderful adventure...a much-needed adventure. I had no idea how tightly wound I was until I finally began to relax a few days into the trip. I even caught myself laughing for no reason other than how beautiful the world is. So gorgeous out there!!!!!!!!!!! The pictographs and petroglyphs and the canyons and rock spires, and we even walked within the walls of a cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde and...and...And...we have returned inspired!

Mr. Al and I are beginning to work on a new Brynn Design collection compliments of our trip to Canyonlands. We hope to have something to present to you by November...just in time for Holiday Shopping.

I've a new color palette to play with.

Canyonlands Colors...going to be fun to work with on dark, winter days.

In the meantime, I had better get back to it... Here Is Mr. aL--

We left in summer and returned to fall.

What we've now titled our Raven's Quest was a pilgrimage of discovery to the desert of the southwest. In search of talking rocks, allowing us to commune with the ancients in the form of the land, the sky, petroglyphs, and pictographs. It was a glorious rebirth, but not to sound corny, we found enormous inspiration!

Our creative work will reflect it.

However, now it's time to get our house in order, as it were, for the winter season. The cool temperatures and the rain are letting us know it's time to get ready.

1) There are beds for trees that need to be planted.

2) All of the buildings in Huldufólk Haven need some sort of protection from branches falling

in wind storms. What that actually is - yet to be decided.

3) Drain and clean the pool for the Huldufólkians and disconnect the solar pumps.

4) The recent rains will certainly persuade the grass to awaken from its dormancy and require mowing again.

5) The shop gutters need to be cleaned out and the roof swept off.

And that's all before...

6) Continuing the currently ongoing All one hummingbird/ DNA carving.

But we're home, we're recharged, we're rested, and most of all, inspired! Enjoy your Halloween, your crisp autumn days, your warm apple pie, and your pumpkin spice everything. See you in November, if not before!!

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