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Summer has Arrived!

According to Oscar Hammerstein, "June is Busting out All Over!" He isn't wrong. Here in the PNW, it has been glorious!

Mr. Al and I have spent most of our time nurturing the growing things (watering) and tending to the lawn (mowing.) It IS that time of year! Soon, it will get hot, and the grass will slow down, but the theme of lawn mowing, which began last month, is not showing signs of ending just yet. We are definitely getting our steps in!

But we don't mind. It is so nice to be outside in the light.


The DRAGONFLY PAINTING, above, is this month's offering. I thought it fitting for June. It's another small original that arrives in its 5x7 mat for $45 plus shipping. (Psst...I've also snuck in some new prints in the prints section.)


With the exception of the Indoor/Outdoor Pillows, all pillows are now either $25.95 or $29.95, depending on their size.

All mugs are either $12.95 or $13.95, depending

on size.

News on the MR. AL front.

One of the first much-needed tasks required in Huldufólk Haven this spring is the repainting of the Hotel has been completed! Check!

After much deliberation and debate over the winter, the two Dryad brothers, Gregear and Philandear Yeagerson, whose homes were destroyed by the great ‘22 Huldufólk Windstorm, have decided to bury the hatchet and try living under the same roof again!

A message from Gregear and Philandear:

"Me and my brother, Gregear, want to

thank the entire Huldufólk community for their support, help, and contributions

bestowed on us to allow our temporary

residence in the hotel this winter. The

time forced us to look at the differences

we had that we can't even remember

and help build our new home!"

Many details from their original houses were able to be salvaged and repurposed for the new construction keeping their unique character!

As a reminder, the Dryad brothers each manage one of the solar pumping stations (there are two) in Huldufólk Haven for the pond recreation. Other Spring maintenance is still ongoing for the pond itself.

The fall plantings are successfully blooming, and the wildflower meadow just outside their gated community has germinated and are anxiously anticipated by the butterflies (as seen below) and hummingbirds, not to mention the hidden folk!


Thought we'd end our newsletter with some pictures taken around the Studios with the wish that your month is lovely and you are enjoying the start of summer.

Until next month, Bryn and Al

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