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The 4th day of the 7th month is upon us...already!

Here we are...July. And, as a "tip of the hat" to our country's birthday, this month's small offering is this bald eagle. Like the others, she is a small 5x7 original acrylic on paper for $45. plus shipping. I like to imagine she has just swooped down and scooped up a fish she will be taking back to her nest for her eaglets.

This will be the last of these small originals. I am ready to move on to a different medium for awhile. Going to be playing with pastels. Love their vibrancy and velvety texture.


There are some new mugs in the store!

I LOVE ALL CATS! and I LOVE ALL DOGS! now have some colorful backgrounds. These are 15 oz and cost $13.95 plus shipping.

And that's about all I have for you. Here's Mr. Al.

Húldufolk Haven Update

Our wildflower garden attracting butterflies and hummingbirds is beginning to come to fruition! And may I say, MUCH to the pleasure and delight of the Húldufolk Haven residents. Its growth has allowed me to remove the doggo-preventative fence surrounding

their enclosure.

As part of the larger four-legged chimney eater prevention removal, I heard cheers from the inside for removing any of the metal elements in the outer fence! As you recall, I was forced to get a variance to be able to use small amounts (as in T-fence posts) as long as it was outside their immediate enclosure.

Hopefully, soon we'll have a lot of color and butterflies entertaining the Pixies, Gnomes, Sylphs, Brownies, Dryads, and Elves that have chosen Húldufolk Haven to hang their hats!

And, interestingly the family furballs haven't made any aggressive attempts to gain access into the invisible ones' realm. It seems using dog treats (rawhide strands) to tie the wooden fence together wasn't the best idea. They don't seem as interested in sisal twine.

The newly painted Hotel sporting some new outer decor (crossed paddles above the door to the right.) More real mosses soften the side yard. The solar bridge lighting has been installed, and the path to The Grand Ballroom over the boulders has been completed. More lighting along that part of the path will be added in the coming weeks.

Another view of the wildflower garden. The coolest thing is they are perennials and will come up year after year!

This shot also shows the 'Haven's Gate' visitors must pass through. Please note; ducking may be required.

I gather a sense of gratitude when photographs taken reveal a rainbow sort of glow on the right side of the gate.

This isn't the first time strange things appear in pictures that can't be seen by the naked eye.

I want to believe they approve!

Bryn here...I believe they approve!

We will let you get back to your long weekend of parades, fireworks, and BBQs. We leave you with a few of our favorite things: a fledged hairy woodpecker figuring out the suet feeder, the deck plants gearing up to flower, and a splendid day lily! Enjoy and have a great month!

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