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Two Newsletters in One! (Here come the Holidays!!)

Hello, and I hope you "fell back in time" without any problems. (Mr. Al and I chose not to, so we are, in fact, living one hour in the future now. Your ways are quaint.) *jest jestin'

Remind me again why there is daylight savings time? Do we get accumulated interest?

And now, Thanksgiving is just a week away. Our turkey has been ordered and...With the holidays right around the corner, Mr. Al and I decided we would combine our November and December newsletters….meaning we have two print offerings for you:

November's offering is this Bison. Close to our home is a wild animal park, NW Trek, featuring the animals of North America. The park has a considerable amount of acreage set aside for the herd animals. Our favorite part of the park is the tram ride that takes you through the property, allowing you to scout for the elk, deer, moose, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and, of course, the bison. The bison are easy to locate. They are massive….over six and a half feet tall and weighing over a ton…and they growl. OMG… the first time I heard one growl. Somewhat disturbing, I must say. Can you imagine herds of these beasties thundering across the plains?

And for December, we are offering this Moose, another formidable creature. At the NW Trek, you would think the moose would be easy to spot. But, they like to curl up under trees and nap in the shadows, looking like large boulders. Only if lucky, you can spot one grazing in the wetlands. Like their fellow hooved cousins, moose become very ill-tempered during mating season. One year, the park's male moose took a disliking to everyone and everything. For safety reasons, the park attendants decided to saw off his antlers so he wouldn't do damage. I don't know if it helped much with his humor, but I did feel safer on the tram ride.

Both prints come in two sizes, and you can find them in our shop (on the menu bar.)

ALSO..... we were delighted how well received the note cards were, and we thank you very much for your purchases. (Hint: WE STILL HAVE SOME IN STOCK...they make an excellent holiday gift.)

Over to you, Mr. Al....

As Huldufólk Haven beds down for the season, the fall leaves descend, covering it in yellow and gold to rest.

One day after this photo was taken, an atmospheric river fell upon the land and washed away new additions (below.)

I guess we have to wait until spring for any further development!

Between the raindrops, I've returned to my shop and returned to my first love, carving.

This time I'm trying a new medium: Olivewood, and I'm pleased with its textures and natural color variations. I'm anxious to see its ultimate result!

AND...I will soon, be diving back into the casting process with some exciting new concepts.

Before we say goodbye until January, Mr. Al and I wish you and yours a Wonderful Holiday Season filled with much happiness, many miracles, and an abundance of blessings.

Come January; we look forward to sharing with you the fun things we will be offering in 2022. (Weeeee!)

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