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Happy New Year, Peeps! We MISSED YOU! How y’all doing? Have a happy holiday season? Ours was happy and quiet and, as Mr. Al’s mom used to say when we would ask during our weekly phone calls “We’re still here!”

Meant to get this newsletter off to you peeps earlier, but our creek decided to pay us a second visit last week, and we have been more concerned about when we could turn our septic system back on so we could flush toilets and take showers. Looks like flooding is going to become a winter event, so we may as well get used to our home becoming an ark. Each time it floods, Mr. Al and I are a little bit smarter, understand a little bit more, and are managing to keep the water a little bit further from our ark…er…home. AND…to quote Mr. Al’s mom again…We’re still here!

Did you know that the first full moon of the year is called the Wolf Moon? The Wolf Moon, yes…brings to mind cold, quiet nights blanketed in deep snow that glistens like little diamond sparks in the moonlight.

The world is dipped in shades of blue and the wolves, ribs showing, either hunt with the pack or huddle together for warmth.

Our first offering in 2022 is The Wolf Moon.

PLEASE NOTE: We still have a limited number of notecards in stock--30 to be exact. When we are out, we will be out, so get them while you can.

AND: Do remember that my original paintings are also available, unless previously purchased. Just send us an email if interested.

We hinted last year that we have some exciting news and plans for 2022. We like to keep you guessing so won’t tell you everything at once, but I do believe Mr. Al has something to say…

Over to you, Mr. Al!

A multitude of duplicities--

One of the main reasons I first began woodcarving was simply the idea that what I created would (hopefully) outlast my lifetime. To be left as proof of my existence. My main goal was bringing something from nothing to life that was one-of-a-kind and couldn't be duplicated.

So, the idea of trying to figure out how I could sell things to people at a reduced cost (which they have become conditioned to from cheaply produced imports) has always been a struggle. It has entirely contradicted my original intent.

Instead of consistently competing with myself to address contemporary commercialism, I have chosen to offer my original hand woodcarvings for sale for prices that justify the

piece's energy.

I've always felt nothing can approach the qualities and emotions of human touch. No machine yet invented can replicate the intentions of the human hand.

As for me, I hope that Artificial Intelligence will never replace our minds.

*shoo! That being off my chest, I will still pursue a casting process that will satisfy my standards to translate my work. There will be small offerings from time to stay tuned

to this channel!

Thank you, Mr. Al…I know for a fact that he has had a struggle with this, and it seemed like all the obstacles we were facing in setting up a “casting assembly line” were telling us to pause and reflect upon what AlChemy Ranch Studios means to us.

We will be adding a separate area in the store for Al's carvings and will shoot you an email when it's set up.

That’s all for now…

We wish you all a lovely remaining month, this first month of 2022. See you in February! Until then, take care and stay healthy and happy. Mr. Al and I are off to patch our levee so we can keep dry. Cheers!!

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1 Comment

Duncan Hill
Duncan Hill
Jan 11, 2022

Love Wolf Moon! Those eyes!!

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