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Wow, Turkey Time Already!

Welcome to November. I remember ( many moons ago) talking (whining) with my college boyfriend's father. I was frustrated how long the summer was going to be without seeing my sweetie. He just looked at me and shook his head saying the older one gets, the faster time flies. He recommended I enjoy these long summers because sooner then I think, time will start speeding up. has.


For November, I am offering something different: The Battle Rams Cave Painting.

This painting was birthed from frustration. I felt like I was beating my head against a wall and not getting anywhere...just angry and frustrated. It was one of those days where I told Mr. Al it was best to stay far away from me until I got myself sorted out. As I so often do, I went to my easel for said sorting out....get it out of me and onto the paper. I had been wanting to paint Mountain Sheep for a while, and what better way to express what I was feeling than painting two animals ramming their heads together? Can you imagine the sound that must make?

But then, something interesting happened. I was feeling so raw and primitive I began imagining what it would be like painting in a cave, leaving my mark, and telling my story in the only way I could: with images, handprints, and with symbols which meant something to me and which also spoke to my clan. When I finally put down my brush, I felt as if I had been on a long journey into the past, and now I was ready to attend to my current place in time, refreshed and at peace.


FYI, we have a couple dozen sets of notecards remaining on sale for $15/set plus shipping.

(Since we are racing toward 2022's finish line like a runaway train and the holidays will be here sooner than you think, thought I'd offer you a gift suggestion. Oh, and Brynn.Design has some fun items too.)


Quite unimaginably, we're nearing the end of another year in our mutual adventure! We salute you, all those holding on to retain a scrap of sanity. And even more salutations to those that have decided to share the love and excitement of this new Renaissance! It's here, it's now, and our time to truly share the gifts of happiness, mirth, and joy with everyone receptive to the good news and, in turn, share it with others. That's how grassroots are able to grow, expand, and spread.

With seasonal transitions in mind, again, it is the time for Huldufólk Haven, A sanctuary for those unseen, to rest for the winter interval. Next season, more housing will be built, along with an explosion of color from a myriad of new flowers and groundcover to enhance its verdant allure!

Shown here is the village with protective coverings to guard against possibly destructive rains, and the water is already rising in sleepy, little Ohop Creek.

On the other end of the creative spectrum, the inclement weather has allowed me to get back into the shop for more exploratory examination of another passion. The removal of surplus wood reveals the images secretly concealed in wood in the guise of woodcarving.

They're all magical, but especially so in this, the magic created by two

mingling hearts!

We hope you have a cozy and safe November and a scrumptious Thanksgiving filled with friends, family, and, of course, a bountiful table. Until December!!! Al and Bryn (Cammy)

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