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Year of the Tiger

Grrrr...the year of the tiger has begun, so we thought it fitting to offer this print entitled "Burning Bright" for this month.

This is an exciting print. I have shown it to several people and have gotten several reactions. Some have seen the tiger as threatening and fierce--focused on its prey, determining when to strike...the crouching tiger. Then, others see the tiger as threatened, unsure, perhaps frightened as it tries to slip back into the shadows. I, myself, have seen it both ways, and I noticed that how I feel when I look at the tiger determines how I interpret it.

In Chinese culture, the tiger represents the Yin energy...hidden, powerful, and wise. I think this is a very wise tiger who knows when to be hidden and when to pounce.

NEWS--We have been very busy here at ACRS (AlChemy Ranch Studios.) Some things are still in the planning stages, and we will let you know a little later when we have gotten all the ducks in their little rows. Getting ducks in a row can sometimes make one quackers!

However, one bit of news is we are in the process of linking our shop with FaceBook and Instagram so more people can find us. All the ordering will still be on our website, of course, but people will be able to see our offerings on FaceBook with just a click.

Facebook is currently auditing our shop, and we did run into one hiccup. I thought I'd share because it made me laugh out loud. We are selling a print of a stag called "Velvet Antlers." Facebook rejected that print because it violated their selling policy. Here's the quote: Listings may not promote the buying or selling of animals. We get to dispute their judgment and have, but does anyone else think this is amusing besides me? And, did a human actually take a look at our product?

It's Love Month so enjoy! It's my birthday month, and so I AM enjoying and celebrating. I took a Staycation in the form of a long weekend to do just that. I had several video chats with my 'Gal Pals' and was entirely pampered by Mr. Al.

Expect a second email later in the month! Until happy. So many good things to celebrate and be grateful for. And, please stay safe.

From the other side of the fence!

The struggle is real! For years and years, I've been banging my head against the wall! Oh, by the way, this is Mr. Al (Bryn is much too smart to undergo such extreme self-torture).

For years I've been trying to figure out how to make myself 'more affordable'??? What a silly concept! Point blank. I'm not cheap. I've paid so many dues, I've earned my worth. My value is just that...value.

As is often said, "You get what you pay for." and in this case, It couldn't be more applicable. Are my carvings exorbitant? Not at all. The only thing I have to sell is my time. How valuable is your time here on Earth?

Many ask, "How long does a carving take?" and I've never been able to answer that. It takes as long as it takes to get to the point of being able to say, "There, it's done!" The time spent is irrelevant.

It comes down to value and getting the most bang for your buck, not the cheapest crap that one can dispose of their valuable, well-earned money for. That doesn't make sense. Someone should spend what they need to for something that has real meaning. Nobody but you can answer that question.

With regard to my carving, I have never suffered from an over-inflated concept of worth. Quite the contrary, in fact. I operate from a value-based reality. I sincerely desire that you will find worth in my work and that it will bring you a feeling, a smile, a whimsical sigh.

Some unique and interesting resin castings will still be offered occasionally, but I will be concentrating my efforts on expanding my exploration of an honest medium...wood. Very soon, a number of my carvings will be available on our website.

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